Rules and Regulations!

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Rules and Regulations!

Post by Meagan on Sun Jul 09, 2017 1:05 pm

Hello everyone!,

Welcome to the Offical AMWF Misbehave forum! With so many people coming into the Facebook group and reporting posts we decided to break away from Facebook. It is safer for our group members so that they don't become banned from Facebook. This forum is free to use for everyone. Any reports go straight to the Admin team! Please read the following rules! Any disregard for these rules means being banned.

1: No Body Shaming
2: Reposting of any picture/videos without posters written permission constitutes a Perminant IP Address ban and account ban.
3: No slut Shaming
4: No cyberabuse
5:If you are harassed in pm take screenshots and send to a mod/admin
6:anything that happens on this forum STAYs on this forum.
7: Any blocking if anyone on the admin team is an instant ban.
8: Have fun!

Thank you!

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